Princess Games

Fulfill your dreams of being majestic, royal highness by playing any of our princess games. You can dress-up for any occasion, allowing you to choose gowns, ballroom dresses, or simply home outfits. Show off your beauty as an elegant princess and pick the perfect, matching color combo. Our challenging games give you choices for all parts of an outfit, including tops, jackets, shoes, and even undergarments. There are so many choices available, you'll want to play our games for ages!

Aside from dress up princess games, we also have adventures featuring beautiful royalty. Fly around a fantasy island as a fairy, or take control of Peach in a Mario-inspired game! Use your keyboard and mouse to graze around colorful levels and cast spells as a true princess. You can even wield a sword and shield as a fighter, battling against evil. Fight through levels of varying difficulty and use your magic to win games. At the end, you might even become a queen!