Zombs Royale

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Zombs Royale is a massive multiplayer Battle Royale game in your browser. Players are represented by circular figures on a 2D grid-like playing field, surrounded by a circular "blue zone" that shrinks as the game advances. Find weapons across the map in loot boxes such as crates and chests, houses and other buildings.

How to play Zombs Royale?

After landing on the map, you search for the best and strongest weapons. Each weapon comes in six different colors and strengths. Don't forget to take your opponents strongest guns with you. Also make sure to avoid the cloud of toxic gas that forms over the Zombs Royale map.

Complete daily challenges to earn sweet rewards and save up to buy cool skins for your character.

How to play Zombs Royale against friends?

To play against friends, you need to first sign-up using either your Facebook or Google account. In the left sidebar you can choose "Friends". Click the plus-sign, and enter your friends name plus four-digit code. You can find this code by asking your friend to check the top right of the game window which has the name and code listed. Your friend will get a request, and now you can join a game together.

Latest season:

Zomby Royale is now at Season 9 named "Mystic Forest". In this mystical season can you figure out all of its secrets and discover 250+ new cosmetics and items? Be sure to check back again for more season exclusive updates with more changes.

  • Unlock and earn many exclusive rewards that are only obtainable during this season.
  • Evolution Skins: Complete special challenges to evolve these skins.
  • Collect stars by completing Challenges and leveling up.
  • Gain tiers by collecting enough stars to go up a tier.
  • Get rewards whenever you go up a tier.
  • Get even better rewards when you own the Battle Pass.
  • Buckle up and dominate your enemies in Zombs Royale

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