Undisputed Champ

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Will you become the 'Undisputed Champ' of the ring? Have you got what it takes to become the worlds #1 boxing champ? Find out here if you can beat every single opponent on the worlds ranking list or just compete with your friends on the same machine in the two player mode. Develop your fighter and make him stronger, more agile and more resilient against knock-outs. This awesome boxing game is created by FJ games.


Player 1

Move - WASD / arrow keys
Hit - 'Z' , 'X'
Block - 'C'

Player 2:

Move - arrow keys
Hit - 'M' , '<'
Block - '>'

About the creator:

Undisputed Champs is created by FJ GAMES, two friends who are based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. They have made this game in close collaboration with Colin Lane who is known for other games on this platform: Touchdowners and Dunkers 2.