by SakiGames


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TankRoyale.io is an action-packed multiplayer battle royale game that lets you become a tank-destroying tank. Yes, you heard that right: Experience the brawl unfold in the exciting and intense matches this game offers. Your aim is to shoot all the other tanks while maneuvering to dodge their attacks. Select from ultimate destructive powers such as explosive rockets, land mines and aerial strike; but you also have defensive abilities like invisibility, dash and shield. Spend the gold you've earned on stunning skins, hats and new colors for your tank! Are you ready for the wildest ride of your life?

How to play:

Move - WASD or Arrow keys
Aim - Move cursor
Shoot - Tap or Left mouse button

About the creator:

TankRoyale.io is created by SakiGames. This is their first game on Poki!