Endel4.23,582 votes is a RPG game in the io-genre inspired on old-school games like Diablo and Baldur's Gate.
The game starts in The Castle which is a safe haven. Here you can buy and sell your first items and get ready to proceed to next levels. The goal is to crawl dungeons and kill monsters in order to upgrade your character. Scavenge around the dungeons to find rare items and potions to increase your characters' strength even more. 


Left click - move or attack enemies

(Inventory) Right click - consume potions

(Inventory) Right click - swap equipped items

(Trade) Right click on item to buy or sell

Pro tips:

You start the game by choosing the skin of your hero, and its primary attribute. The damage your hero causes is based on the primary attribute.

The type of weapon you're using can change your primary damage attribute.

Melee weapons: strength

Bows and crossbows: agility

Staffs: intelligence

Find the best items for your character and slay all the bosses in the game!