Lordz Conquest

Spinbot4.36,406 votes
Lordz Conquest is the next ultimate online, medieval, multiplayer warfare IO game from Spinbot, the makers of Lordz.io! Start as a lonely lord and recruit soldiers to help you establish and defend your castle in this battle filled IO game. Play Lordz 2 Conquest on Poki and climb to the top of the leaderboard to prove you’re the lord to rule them all. Attack others while managing to protect your own base. The sequel to Lordz, Lordz2.io conquest is the next greatest medieval real time strategy multiplayer IO game. 
Arrow keys - Move
Numerals/Letters - Various tools/attacks
About the creator:
Lordz Conquest is created by Spinbot, based in Paris, France. They are also the creators behind Lordz.io and Squadd.io.
Lordz Conquest is one of our selected .io Games.

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