Helmet Royale

Jun Hyeong Ahn4.318,847 votes
Helmet Royale.io
HelmetRoyale.io is a retro spin on the battle royale games! 
HelmetRoyale.io is a game by Jun Hyeong Ahn. 
Run around the 2D world, and loot for better equipment, armor and materials! Grab the loot from the chest and eliminate the other players to win the game! But watch out for the enclosing ring, making the map smaller and smaller, increasing the chance of encountering other players. Can you rise to the top and become the last player standing? 
WASD - Move 
Mouse - Look 
Click - Attack 
F - Pick up items 
Esc - Menu 
About the Creator: 
Battle Helmet.io was created by Jun Hyeong Ahn