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Make your way over to the enemy base and destroy it in Gundar.io! In Gundar.io you can build walls and stairs to either protect your own base, or attack the enemy base. Use the stairs to get over obstacles and shoot your opponents. In the world of Gundar.io, everything you interact with is destructible. By destroying things, you gain the ability to build more things, like special jump pads! Choose your outfit, guns and start destroying. Make sure to visit the shop every once in a while to unlock new characters and gun skins. Can you build your way to the enemy base and destroy it?


Mouse click - aim / shoot
1 / 2 - select weapon
3 t/m 6 - select object to build
Space - jump

About the creator:

Gundar.io was created by Odessa Limited, they are known for their .io titles.

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