CS Online

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CS Online is the web based version of the classic Counter Strike. You can play this multiplayer shooting game in your browser against players all over the world.

CS Online was created by FWGS Team. 

Play the iconic Counter Strike now on your browser. Buy your favorite weapon at the start of the round and shoot your way through the classic game mode. Plant the bomb as the terrorist faction, or shoot all the terrorist and prevent the bomb from being planted as the counter-terrorists. Play all time favorite game modes like Gun Game and Hide'n'Seek or play all new game modes like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.! Play on multiple classic maps like Assault and Dust and become the best CS Online player on the web! 


WASD - move

Click left - fire

Click right - zoom

R - reload

Shift - walk

Space - jump

C - duck

E - use 

M - change team 

TAB - display scores 

Y - say

U - say team

K - turn on microphone 

G - drop current weapon

B - buy menu

1-3 + Q + scroll - change weapon 

About the creator: 

CS Online was created by FWGS Team.