Crane Madness

Zonda Creative Studio4.317,461 votes

Crane Madness is a skill game where you have to stack building blocks with your crane! The crane will move automatically, so you have to make sure to time it just right. With every new block, you earn money. The better you place the block, the more money you earn. Not ony that, but if you place a "perfect" block, the building will be stronger, and will fall down less easily. Build high enough, until you can put the roof on the building, to complete the level. This way you'll have enough money to buy the next level! Every level increases in difficulty, and in height of your building. You can even upgrade your crane to carry heavier building blocks. The game is fully supported by keyboard controls. Or you can use your mouse! Can you finish every level in Crane Madness?


Drop - space or left click

About the creator:

Crane Madness was created by Zonda Creative Studio. They have also made this cool idle game Barbershop Inc. for Poki!