Bloons Games

Our bloons games are perfect for fans of popping balloons in style. Choose your favorite characters, from monkeys to expert marksmen, and launch your weapons at elaborate balloon arrangements. Our bloons collection features many different balloon patterns, which present varying challenges. Aim your weapon correctly, and pop as many balloons as you can! In more advanced levels, you’ll be challenged to pop only certain balloons. Collect enough points and you’ll advanced to higher levels, earning your rank as a balloon master!

Controls in our bloons games are as simple as pointing and clicking the mouse. Just use your mouse to aim, and click to launch your weapon. In different games, you will have access to varying weapons and exciting, new results! In other variations, you can control gravity, fly through the sky, and play as different characters. Even float through the air as Cupid, and shoot heart daggers into clouds! Perfect your marksmanship skills, prove your worth as a bloons master, and set a new high score!

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