Wormax 2

Elyland4.275,960 votes
Wormax 2 is a remake of the classic popular game Wormax.io. In Wormax 2 the creators have added new features and bonuses in the game that make this a new challenging adventure. You are presented with three lifes at the start of each session, which you can lose by bumping into other worms. When losing your life, you will also lose all bonuses and strengths that you gained until that moment. Wormax 2 is also known as wormax2.io and can be played in your browser on your chromebook. Mac or PC. 
How to play Wormax 2?
Move - Cursor
Accelerate - Q
Stop moving - W
Ghost - E
Who created Wormax 2?
Elyland is the creator of Wormax 2. Elyland is a Ukrainian company founded in 2007.