Transformice Adventures

by Atelier 801

Transformice Adventures

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Transformice Adventures is a multiplayer action-RPG where you explore a colorful world of mice, created by Atelier 801. In Transformice Adventures, you play as a mouse where you can go on a quest solo or with friends. Collect different kinds of items and pets to make your character more complete and powerful. In the Transformice Adventures game, you’ll need to be resourceful in order to battle all the rivals you meet during your quests.
In the latest update to the game, get ready for the Raids! Raids are powerful bosses that have their own patterns that you’ll need to learn along the way in Transformice Adventures on Poki. Plan your attack in order to beat the boss!

Atelier 801 developed Transformice Adventures as a re-release of the well-known Transformice. You can play this game for free in your browser on Poki. Looking for a bigger playing experience? Play Transformice Adventures in fullscreen on Poki.

Demo version:
This is the demo-version of a kickstarter project which was set up by Atelier 801. The creators hope to release the full version in fall, 2019.

WASD - Move

Left mouse button - Use sword

Right mouse button - Use bandage/heal

1, 2, 3- Use skill

About the creator:

Atelier 801 is an indie game development studio based in Lille, France. They are also the creators behind Transformice, Bouboum, Fortoresse, Nekodancer and Dead Maze.