Privacy on Poki

Dear Kids and Parents, below you can find a simplified summary of our Privacy Policy.

1. Ask a parent or grown-up if it’s ok to use Poki

  • If you’re 12 years or younger, you must tell your parent or a grown-up who looks after you about Poki
  • Ask them if it is ok for you to use Poki
  • Do not use Poki unless they say it is ok

2. When you use Poki

When you use, we will save some information about you. Don’t worry, we don’t save things like your name, age or phone number. We do save your IP adress, which is a unique number that every device that uses the internet has. Poki also saves cookies to your device. Cookies help us to make sure you see games you like.

3. Sharing the things we know about you

We will only share the information about you that we have in certain situations.

  • We might need to share your information with someone who works with us to help us provide Poki to you. They would never share your information with someone else.
  • We would share your information if we ever sell Poki. The person that buys Poki will know what we know about you, but only so they can let you use Poki.
  • We might have to share your information with the government or the police, but only if the law says that we must share the information. For instance, if the information can help the police solve a crime.

4. Who owns is made, maintained and owned by Poki B.V. in Amsterdam.

5. Ask us questions

If you have questions about what we know about you or about the games on, send us an email at, and we’ll get back to you.

6. More information about privacy on Poki

If you are a parent, grown-up or an interested kid, you can read more about privacy on Poki in our full privacy policy. Are you a parent or guardian of a child that uses Poki? Take a look at our parent’s guide.